Black Taken Out of The Picture

Scott Saulson, Franchesca Saulson, Gina Lee Shauncey, Carolyn Saulson around 1994

Thirty years around
Look what’s been going down
So many years on the scene
But it’s like you’ve never been… there

Rude Dawg wasn’t invisible
But it’s like y’all got two photos of him
And youngsters asking if you can be
Black and goth
Dolls Kill selling t-shirts
About Goth So White

But still, dude has some pictures
To share from the scene
And he’s coping attitude
Like I’ve never been to Shrine
I almost laughed,
I said we don’t photograph
It’s like I used to say back in the day
Black folks always seem disappear
In goth club photography

And if Angyl wasn’t taking pictures now
We probably would still disappear
The only reason we now show in photographs
Is because there’s a black guy taking photos in there

And you would probably have to look twice as long
To find a photo of my mom
Where she wasn’t on a stage
You leave us out of photos
And bitch and call us attention whores
When we act like we’re a part of the scene at all
Y’all put way too much energy into disenfranchising us
And try to make us small

The next time you look at your
Photo collection why don’t you consider
Whether or not your selection of
Photography subjects doesn’t include us?
That’s why we weren’t in the picture
Even when we were there.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on February 7, 2020.

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