Scry of Lust 2 Call for Submissions

Scry of Lust is a charitable anthology raising money for San Francisco AIDSWalk through the SFGOTH Team. Contributors with works totaling 1000 words or more will be given one paperback copy of the book. Contributors who’s total contribution (combined works) are less than 1000 words will receive an eBook copy only.

Themes: Anything erotic between consenting adults will be considered. We welcome LBGTQIA+, kinky, and paranormal erotica (including horror erotica or “monster porn”), erotic comedy, and more!

We accept reprints

We accept erotic poetry of up to 100 lines, flash fiction under 1000 words, and short stories of up to 7.500 words.

You may submit up to 3 short stories (total combined word count not to exceed 15,000 words), and up to 5 works of flash fiction or poetry (or any combination thereof).

Submission Deadline: May 15

We are on a tight deadline because the book needs to go to press in plent of time to raise money for San Francisco AIDSWalk, which takes place online this year on Sunday, July 14. Since shelter-in-place makes it challenging to engage in our usual in-person fundraising efforts (which usually start around April 25), we will be using online book readings for Scry of Lust 2 to promote not only the book, but direct donations to SF AIDSWalk through the SFGoth Team!

You do not have to be from San Francisco to submit your work.

Send your manuscript as a Word or Text file to, single spaced, Times Roman 12 Point or similar font.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on April 29, 2020.

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