Literary Arts Garden (SecondLife)

Would you like to participate in the Literary Arts Garden I am putting together for the SecondLife Anniversary? You do NOT have to use SecondLife AT ALL. But the deadline is tight. I have to have the project done by June 14 so if you could send your work in by June 10 that would be great.
I would especially like to encourage marginalized writers to apply but everyone is welcome. PIECES MUST BE SAFE FOR WORK, this is on General rated land.

What I need are the following:

1) Short literary art works in the form of a PowerPoint or Google Docs slide presentation. YOUR literary art. Meaning your poetry or flash fiction. You can also send it as a series of JPGs. Should be able to be read from a distance (not too much text per slide) and make sense no matter what order it is viewed in (one poem per slide, for example.) Your name should be clearly visible as attribution on each slide.

2) MP3s of you reading poetry, or a short story. This should be not longer than about 7 minutes in length. You should say YOUR NAME so that the people who hear it know who wrote and read the work. If you need something to record with, I recommend the free to download shareware program Audacity. Please do not make it redline (record it so loud that it is in the red). You need to add a second bit to Audacity to get it to convert to MP3. Feel free to DM me for help with that.

If you ARE in SecondLife you can also show up at the event and meet and greet visitors to the Literary Arts Garden.

You can email your stuff to me at

~ by Sumiko Saulson on June 4, 2020.

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