‘Nobody Goes Out Anymore’ by DL Russell

DL Russell Biography:

D.L. Russell has been published in various publications since 2007. His horror anthology, Hell is An Awfully Big City was later released in 2009.
One thing that stood out for D.L. was the fact there didn’t seem to be enough markets for the creative talent he came across within the genres of Speculative Fiction. His answer to this was to found the ezine, Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine and later SSW Publishing and Black Books Publishing, Inc.

Today, D.L. is continuing his quest to prove “there’s talent everywhere” through D.L. Russell Books, which is primarily an anthology publisher of all forms of Speculative Fiction, including Erotica and its many sub-genres.

About Nobody Goes Out Anymore

The 1st title from D.L. Russell Books is NOBODY GOES OUT ANYMORE, an anthology of Futuristic Speculative Fiction – Post Covid-19. As the Coronavirus the end of the world, or just the end of the world as we know it? No matter how you view tomorrow, the consensus is nothing will ever be the same.NOBODY GOES OUT ANYMORE asked 16 of today’s most diverse creators of Speculative Fiction to show us their visions of the future and the results ranged from hopeful to full blown Conspiratorial Paranoia. NOBODY GOES OUT ANYMORE explores tomorrow with a critical, unflinching eye. A tomorrow we know we have jeaporized with our actions of the past. Is COVID-19 our Extinction Level Event or just another step in our Evolution?CONTRIBUTORS – Joanna Michal Hoyt – D.L. Russell – David R. Mellor – R.D. Doan – Eartha Watts-Hicks – Bil B. Peters – Anna Lindwasser – Katherine LE White – Kahn Brown Jr. – Rhashaa Price – Josh Carson – Chris Rodriguez – Veronica Smith – Nigel Anthony Sellars – R. Maureen

Interview with DL Russell

Q. What prompted you to make an anthology about post Covid-19 futures?

A. For me, it was seeing all the pro sports teams shutting down that made me realize Covid-19 was going to change the world. And as a writer I began to imagine other changes, in the long and short term and before I knew it the idea for the Anthology was born.

Q. Would you say the tone of your anthology is dark and twisted? Or are there upbeat stories?

A. Well, as I say in the introduction of the book, these stories are not where we want to be tomorrow. They are quite dark in their view of man in a crisis, but there are enough healthy doses of humor to keep the them honest.

Q. Did you have some favorite stories in the anthology?

A. As a writer I would say my own story contribution was my favorite because it was inspired by an actual event involving my daughters cat. As an Editor I would have to say I don’t think there is a bad, dull, or even predictable story in the bunch. I love them all equally.

Q. What other projects are you working on that our readers might be interested in?

A. D.L. Russell Books is primarily an Anthology Publisher of all forms of Speculative Fiction including Erotica and all its Sub-Genres. We are currently seeking submission for a themed erotica Anthology and a horror/dark fantasy anthology.

Q. Where can our readers find out more about you?

A. www.dlrussellbooks.com is our site and there you’ll find more info about me, the titles currently available, future projects, and a few contributor bios. Our FB page is currently under construction as well.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 25, 2020.

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