For Us, Entwined

For Us, Entwined

003 Entwined Tree at Kbal Spean

When I remember you sweetly, and
Softly touching your feet…
If your foot was in my hand
And I massaged toes, long and lean
And ran fingers over seams
Of two layers of stockings
One fishnet, one plain
To prevent the slippage of toes
Between fishnet in hose
Made of black lace windows

And in these, and in those…
And in noisy repose
If I cat-booped your nose
If I blew bubbles on your navel
And heaven in those
Air blown against skin, and then
You within…

Not taken away, but
Forever remaining beyond trouble
And pain and my memory stained
With port-wine marks of you within
On me deeper than skin
Deeper than tattoo ink or pen
On the paper I carry to bury necessary

Memories of you, we one, we two
Me wrapped in you…
Part and parcel of you…
Memories too true to dismiss them
Or dismiss you when
You’re part of my system

Automatic writing.. both enlightening
And frightening and pages I crafted
Inside me you laughed, it
Was under my skin
Where I still
hold you

~ by Sumiko Saulson on October 2, 2020.

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