Tonight at 7pm Halloween HYDRA Reading!

Association of Black and Brown Writers presents:

The HYDRA returns for one night only. Halloween night. The night of the full Hunter’s Moon with horror stories from Audrey T. WilliamsThaddeus Howze, Elwin Cotman, Lynn Brown, Paul Corman-Roberts, Reggie Peralta, Sumiko Saulson, and Ebony Williams.

The Hydra: A Series for Experimental, Flash, Sci-Fi, and Horror Writers and the People Who Love Them is returning for a Halloween special with EIGHT readers who are going to do their best to shock and startle the audience.Those of you who are new this series may not know the lore of this HYDRA, the beast that sleeps under mouth Diablo. Every so often the beast stirs and it needs to be lulled back to sleep with stories. You may have felt the HYDRA stirring in the tiny earthquakes in the dead of night, or in the embers that are beginning to escape its nostrils and ignite the land like a gender reveal of godly proportions.On Halloween night EIGHT brave readers will venture into the den of the beast to read it their stories under the Hunter’s/Blue Moon. And hopefully their sacrifices will silence the beast in mountain, and it’s lava-skinned cousin in the Alabaster Mansion.

The wonderous line-up includes:

Audrey T. Williams
Ebony Williams
Elwin Michael Cotman
Lynn Brown
Paul Corman Roberts
Reggie Peralta
Sumiko Saulson
Thaddeus Howze

Curated and hosted by Trey Keeve (Vernon Keeve III).

~ by Sumiko Saulson on October 31, 2020.

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