Interview with EF Schraeder, Author of “Liar”

The Author

E.F. Schraeder hails from the rustbelt and loves to get lost in the
woods, but has never gone beyond the aspen. Schraeder’s creative work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. Author of the story collection Ghastly Tales of Gaiety and Greed, Liar: Memoir of a Haunting is Schraeder’s first novella.

The Book

Who doesn’t crave a little escape? Dreaming of small town life and rural
charm, Alex and Rainey find a deal on an old rustic home they can’t
resist. But soon after Rainey moves, her preoccupation with weird local
history and the complications of living alone in the woods take a toll.
Alex worries that the long nights and growing isolation are driving her
stir crazy. When the Sugar House is damaged and Rainey goes missing,
Alex doesn’t know where to turn. Was it a storm, vandals, or something
worse? What happened at the Sugar House?

The only thing worse than wondering is finding out.

The Interview

  1. What initially attracted you to the horror genre?
    I’ve been a reader and fan of horror since I was very small, and in many ways my mom fueled that interest. She had some old record albums with creepy tales that I couldn’t get enough of, and she introduced me to a lot of classic horror cinema early in life. As I grew up, I continued to be drawn to and intrigued by work that explores unseen elements and stories that are at least a bit reality adjacent.
  1. How long have you been writing, and is horror your only or predominant genre?
    I’ve been writing for a long time- I think I’ve been telling creepy tales and writing poems for nearly as long as I could pick up pencil. I generally write speculative work, though sometimes in poetry my writing bumps into more realistic themes. Horror has always been my first love in reading, so it’s where I often tend to dwell in writing.
  2. How as the pandemic affected you as a writer over the past year?
    This been a challenging year on a lot of levels. I’ve been grateful for the folks in my life as well as the many artists, musicians, organizations, and others who have found ways to stay connected, share creative work, and build community amidst these many difficulties. In writing, I’ve tried to stay focused and productive, but flexible.
  3. Liar deals with themes of stir-craziness, obsession and the isolation of living in the woods. Do you think that 2020, the pandemic, and shelter in place helped you develop these themes?
    The manuscript was completed before the pandemic, and working through edits and production during this period definitely heightened the resonance of these themes.
  4. Your story is built around the marital woes of Alex and Rainey, a same-sex couple. Do you think queer representation in horror is on the rise these days, and do you feel it is important?
    Thanks so much for asking this question. Diverse representation does seem to be on the rise. It’s definitely an exciting time to be writing and reading as more voices are represented across a variety of perspectives, including folks from the LGBTQ community. I think it’s great to see more diversity in the types of stories being told, because every new perspective adds to the landscape of fear in rich, distinctive ways.
  5. Rainey, the writer, is very wrapped up in the similarities between their lives and different horror genre tropes such as The Last Girl. Was it fun writing such a self-aware/referential character?
    Rainey was a blast, and her POV provided an interesting lens to work with in the narrative. I had a lot of fun building up a character whose fondness for the genre played parallel roles in the story.
  6. What is your favorite character the book and why?
    That’s a tough question because both Rainey and Alex have qualities I came to appreciate, like Rainey’s snarky humor and Alex’s sheer determination. I also came to see the house they purchase as a sort of unwelcome third party in their relationship, and that became very alluring too.
  7. What other projects are you working on?
    I have two projects in the works at different stages: a supernatural mystery and a futuristic book about, among other things, the pitfalls of a world where everything becomes a product.

The Link

Liar is available from Omnium Gatherum:

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