The Moon Cried Blood Blog Tour

Are you a book blogger or a book reviewer? Or just somebody who has a blog who wants to do me a solid and be a part of a bookstore involving my books? Maia Gomez at Silver Dagger Book Tours setup a blog tour for my young adult series “The Moon Cried Blood.”

If you are a blogger who wants to participate in the blog tour, sign up here:

The book takes place in Los Angeles in 1975. It’s heroine, Leticia Gordon, is a 13 year old African American and Mexican American Los Angelino who has just discovered that she is a witch and has magic powers that are associated with the phases of the Moon. Evil forces have amassed to try to stop the Teen Witch from achieving her destiny. Deadly forces oh, that are hunting her down through the streets of LA. This series could also be considered Dark Fantasy or Urban Fantasy.

It is a series of 8 short horror novellas, the ebooks sell for $0.99 each. They are arguably appropriate for older midgrade readers as well, although there are intense situations in the book that might make it more appropriate for more mature readers, such as dealing with subjects like mental illness, death and drug addiction.
I am looking for people who would be interested in posting a Blog about the series. You can get review copies from Maia or if you prefer you can get a pre-written blog or two, written by me, and this post that up is content. There will be giveaways as part of this blog series.

So excited for this blog tour!

This could be great for horror blogs or blogs that do not specifically focus on horror that are looking for something spooky for Halloween or the month of October. This will be a October 5th to November 5th blog tour.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 10, 2021.

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