Queerness in Horror 101 at the SFA

I am so excited about the debut of my new course at the Speculative Fiction Academy, Queerness in Horror 101: An Introduction to LGBTQ Representation in Horror for Writers. It is taught with the assistance of my talented partner, the amazing Emily Flummox, a slam poet, role-playing game writer, and streamer. It is an online course taught by queer instructors and geared towards writers. This is an eleven-week core curriculum introductory course that covers the history of LGBTQ characters and themes in horror, LGBTQ horror writers and other queer horror creators, how to write queer horror, and LGBTQ characters/themes in horror. It will cover LGBTQ topics in horror literature, film, comics, and gaming, but is focused on approaching all of these media as a writer.

At the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of how LGBTQ authors and other creators have used the media to express queerness to the world. You will have an understanding of how tropes have been used in ways that positively and negatively impact the LGBTQ community and queer audiences. You will have an overview of how censorship and morality codes have repeatedly stifled the creation of LGBTQ content and its creators over the course of history. You will have some tools in your toolkit for helping you to successfully write convincing LGBTQ characters sensitively and with understanding if you are not a part of their particular demographic.

Check it out online here: https://www.speculativefictionacademy.com/…/queer-horror

The Speculative Fiction Academy offers a variety of other courses, including the Kink and Horror quick dive, a five-week course Emily and I put out last November at the Speculative Fiction Academy, that gives students an overview on horror and other speculative fiction that is kink inclusive.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on February 15, 2022.

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