Of Hope and Horror, an anthology of personal reflections on Mental Health

With the spooky season nearly upon us, this is a quick reminder that the Horror Writers Association’s Wellness Committee put together an incredible anthology of our member’s poems, flash fiction and personal reflections on mental health and horror — Of Horror and Hope — which includes my own poem “Generations of the Imaginarium” — is available for free download from the HWA website, or by clicking on the link to the PDF below. Featuring a beautifully harrowing Greg Chapman cover and a collection of writing to inspire and enlighten, we hope this booklet will offer solace and understanding around this important topic. Members with newsletters, we’d love it if you would share these links with to help spread the word.

For information about the work of the Wellness Committee, our Mental Health Initiative Charter is here. https://horror.org/mental-health-initiative-charter/

Thank you again for your kind support of our initiative.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 19, 2022.

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