Proud to be a part of “In Trouble,” an anthology centering on reproductive rights

Very proud to be a part of “In Trouble” an anthology edited by EF Schraeder and Elaine Schleiffer. 

Terrified, desperate, and rebellious—before 1973, those were routine reactions for anyone trapped and in trouble. Access to reproductive health care has been chipped away for decades until a single decision once again mired a new generation in historic trauma and modern repression. Those reactions are once more routine for us.

The voices of “In Trouble” explore the fantastic and ordinary ways lives are overturned by unplanned or unexpected arrivals. 

Reproductive rights are an issue that impacts everyone, including the transgender community. I am honored that my story, “The Ballad of Faerie Garcia,” was among the narratives accepted into this important anthology. It’s a story about a transgender couple whose plans for the immediate future are interrupted by an unplanned pregnancy. 

While many of the stories in my personal wheelhouse are speculative fiction in the realm of the fantastical: horror, weird fiction, dark fantasy, and science fiction (genres well-represented in this anthology), I decided to keep this story closer to home. Too many people think we’re fictional already, and too few understand that reproductive rights issues directly impact us.

The editors will donate 100% of net proceeds to benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Pre-Order this important anthology here:

~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 27, 2022.

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