Announcing: The Horror [or Horrible] Haiku Contest!

The Contest:

This month’s official contest promises to be a lot of fun for all involved.  Some of you may be nervous, thinking that haiku in English is difficult, and perhaps you are worried that your haiku won’t qualify as haiku. If so, you are not alone: also worry that my haiku is not haiku: so in order to ease your apprehension, I am offering an Entry Prize to everyone who even TRIES to write horror haiku! That’s right! There will be a Grand Prize winner, and there will be a kind of door prize for every brave soul to attempt this thing called Horror Haiku, even if they are really HORRIBLE horror haikus.

aarrrggghhh - a haiku, I think...

aarrrggghhh – a haiku, I think…

How To Enter:

To Enter: Submit a Haiku, in English (or, if in another language, with English translation provided) to the Facebook page, where it will be voted upon by “likes”.

(I realize this isn’t the most scientific method, because you know, you can always get your friends to click “like” on your haiku, driving extraneous traffic to my page… okay did I say that aloud? I guess I did.)

Well: if you prefer NOT to deal with Facebook, you can just post your Haiku on Twitter with @sumikoska, because that’s my Twitter account – and I can put it on Facebook for people to vote on.  Or, people can express support for it on Twitter.

OR, you can leave it in the comments to this blog post, and I will repost it to Facebook. Either of those three methods would work.

But I prefer if you post it here:

Because it’s less work for me and pretty pretty please.

What Is Haiku?

Good question. For the purpose of this contest: it is…

Three lines, first five syllables, second seven syllables, third five syllables, with some kind of reference to horror – not a season, as suggested on Wiki:

Spring is a season, amirite?

Spring is a season, amirite?

But for this contest, we will accept anything vaguely resembling a haiku, so if you miscount syllables, don’t count syllables, have no idea what a cut is, etc… as long as it kind of seems like it’s in a form similar to a haiku, and it has something horror or dark fantasy or scary sci-fi related, we’ll take it! We are not picky. But it has to be ORIGINAL. You have to write it to qualify. And please… please… please don’t send us a three page ode, that’s not even pretending to be haiku. Thanks 🙂

The Grand Prize:

The top winner gets one Proof Print of “Things That Go Bump In My Head”, a book which will be worth lots of money in the unlikely event that I ever become famous. And, I will sign it. And, to sweeten the deal, I’ll include a really awesome t-shirt.

Your choice of Frankenzombie or Meathead.

Book + Meathead or Frankenzombie Tee

Book + Meathead or Frankenzombie Tee

This is the most awesome prize packet we have offered so far here at “Things That Go Bump In My Head”, and it is of course in anticipation for our count down to the release of the book by that title (a short story collection) and my reading event the night before Halloween, “Haunting Laurel Boookstore.” But wait! There’s more!

You will have YOUR HAIKU printed on the back of YOUR PRIZE WINNING T! So you will have a one-of-a-kind t-shirt with the book promo on the front, and your credited haiku on the back. Amazing!

The Entry Prize

"Things that go" Bookmark

“Things that go” Bookmark

Remember when I said that everyone who entered was eligible for a prize? Well I wasn’t kidding. Everyone who enters will be eligible to receive a free code for the .99 cent story of his or her choice at Smashwords:

And everyone who enters is eligible to receive a bookmark from the author: that’s me. If you really want a signed bookmark, I will sign your bookmark. Although that seems weird, but why not? But of course, you need to provide an address to me at which to mail the bookmark. So…

If you enter and you want the entry prizes, email me at and say “Hey, I submitted my Haiku and I want my Smashwords code and my bookmark. This is where to send it.”

The Deadline

As always, all entries must be received by the end of the month (August 31, 2012) in order for a determination on the grand prize to be made the next day (September 1, 2012).


~ by Sumiko Saulson on August 8, 2012.

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