The Process: Writing, it’s work. So is marketing.

Go Away, I'm Writing

Go Away, I’m Writing. It’s a Bad Time.

I am trying to blog, but my fiance wants attention right now and is playing Iggy Pop’s “China Girl”, and talking. And I have an introversion/extroversion brain flux issue, because I want to concentrate on my writing right now, because I am in some kind of inspired state of mind, and I want people to stop asking me to do things, like pay attention to them. But that seems… wrong, some how, and not appropriate and social. I should be appropriate and social. I should not have all of my attention swallowed up inside of a writer-ball of introversion that makes me want to hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign in front of my forehead.

By now, most of you should know that I am working on a short story compilation, or anthology if you will, called “Things That Go Bump In My Head.” Appropriately, it will contain a few of the stories that have been posted on this blog – which in fact subtitled “Things That Go Bump In My Head”. See? Right up there at the top? “Sumiko Saulson: Things That Go Bump in My Head”.

Apparently Greg notices I am in a bad mood. He just put on “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline” by X. 🙂 You know something? I really love that band, and although I am digressing, I guess I’ll just say this: I get along a lot better with Greg, who understands my love of punk and metal and angry angry music than I did with some certain gothy exes who wanted me to always listen to sad music. But back to the Books:

[My] Top Selling Novel, Solitude, and other marketing hype

Solitude: the ePub cover

Solitude: the ePub cover

I sell more copies of Solitude than any of my other novels – which makes it my Top Selling Novel. I don’t feel like calling it that, because it’s marketing hype, but it’s true: it’s my top seller. It is also my Debut Novel, and that’s good… because your debut novel is important in establishing that you don’t suck. You want to know something else about my debut novel?

Apparently, it’s Science-Fiction.

I have readers, interviewers, and reviewers referring to it as science-fiction. And apparently, The Moon Cried Blood is fantasy. And Warmth, it is Dark Humor. But all three are horror. So I am genre hopping some. Not intentional, just the joyous bouncing of the self-published. If not having a firm understanding of genre allows me to write without genre-trope inhibitions, that’s probably good, right? Anyway, here are some reviews:

3 People Reviewed This Item

    By Brian Mueller
    This book is weird, but epic! It is very evocative of Stephen King, so if you enjoy Stephen King’s novels, especially his major epics such as The Dark Tower and The Stand, you will enjoy this book. The characters are taken on a fascinating journey from not knowing anything about the situation in which they find themselves to finally realizing that they face a mortal battle with an ancient enemy. A very good book!
    By Michael Lee Totten
    I love the mystery of the beginning of this novel and how it builds up in sinister intensity in its sheer horror!
  • By Desdemona Ekaterina Gare-Frantisek
    Don’t read this book before going to bed, you’ll never get to sleep! The suspense and attention to character development is impeccable. You get to know and build a personal relationship with them, the story weaves and arch that binds them all together in one unexpected conclusion. READ THIS! You will love this novel.

It’s Coming! It’s Almost Here!

Things That Go Bump In My Head

Things That Go Bump In My Head

So… I have a new book coming, and it’s a little different because it isn’t a novel at all, it’s a book of short stories. That means it can have an entirely different audience, filled with short story lovers. Some of the short stories are available on Smashwords as 99 cent “Singles”. Others have been published in their unedited and preliminary versions here: although I have to say, most of them could not be published here if I wanted to because the blog is and they are not PG rated. I am going to give you links to those stories that are here below, along with Smashwords. There are also a few poems in the book, but mostly it is chock full of sci-fi and horror shorts, of both the funny and the scary kind.

See that counter at the side that says “Nightmare Before Halloween: Haunting Laurel Bookstore?” – that is the count down to the release of the new book as well, October 30th.

Thank you to my editors.

Thanks to Tina Noren for editing of “Dead Horse Summer” and “Hungry Minds”. Thanks to Lisa Lane for editing of “Frankenzombie” and “I, Stammer  (In Disbelief)” and “Bad Egg”. Thanks to Geniver Williams for editing of “Agrippa”. I am going to split the remaining stories between Lisa and Geniver.

While we wait for October 30th to come up, enjoy some short story singles! There are a few PG rated ones on this PG rated blog, and for some scarier/grosser/more vulgar material you can definitely enter to WIN, donate to Mau, or, just pay 99 cents.

The Short Story Singles

Most of the short stories aren’t published anywhere yet, and I have submitted a few of them to magazines like Asimov Fiction, so wish me luck. As for those which have been published: you can find several on Smashwords HERE:

You can win Frankenzombie by entering the Horror/Horrible Haiku contest HERE:

Horror Haiku!

Horror Haiku! You know you can write one too, haiku is too not hard to do.

You can get a copy of Frankenzombie and Attempted Happiness free for donating a dollar or more to the Mau Meter. Finally, there are a few free short stories, which will be listed in a new Short Story category at the side of my page… soon… oh so soon. But now now, because I need to get off the computer and go to the doctor and work. Yea. Day job. So…

In the mean time, use the search listing!


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