Guest Blog by Kateryna Fury, Nosferspratu Update

Deciding where to begin this update was more harrowing than the last few months in the Nosferspratu household. Trying to figure out how to say thank you enough has also been quite the task. Two small words that never seem to encompass the sheer amount of gratitude that can be experienced in this world. Two small words that are all I have to thank all of the people who aided Sprite and myself. Thank you to everyone who shared the initial request for help, thank you for everyone who donated, and thank you especially to the person who took most of the burden on themself. Each share, thought, donation and action created a miracle.

Nosferspratu and Selena

Nosferspratu and Selena

Sprite is not just doing well, she is doing amazingly. Right out of surgery the vet immediately told me that the surgery went better than the best case scenario. With each follow up and every day it became clear that the surgery wasn’t just a success but how badly it was needed. I’ve gotten the joy of watching a cat who is ten years old start acting like a kitten. This has lead to a small bit of mayhem in the household, but it is welcome mayhem.

Despite her perpetually cranky demeanor Sprite is doing great. She’s gotten argumentative around meds time, though still takes them in what I can only conclude is a gesture of “Okay human, for you.” She looks younger, due to a lot of the swelling leaving her face. She is playing and out pacing the younger two cats, one of whom is still technically a kitten. She has less pain, and seeing the sheer joy in her movements is breath taking. In fact the biggest side effect of the surgery is one no one could predict, she is having fewer reactions that are caused by her autoimmune problem.

Two little words which are never enough may be all I have to give but every one of you gave me a great gift. From Sprite, Sylvani, and Selena Fury as well as their human; Thank you.

About Kateryna Fury

Kateryna Fury - holding a copy of Sumiko Saulson's "Warmth."

Kateryna Fury – holding a copy of Sumiko Saulson’s “Warmth.”

Kateryna Fury is a writer, musician, and aspiring filmmaker. Does she write horror? Yes! She totally writes horror. She is planning on writing a guest blog about what being a woman in horror fiction means to her for this very blog this very month for WiHM 2013.  She is disabled, she has a spinal cord injury, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Reynaud’s Syndrome, Celiac Sprue, and the potential for other ailments. She considers herself healthy, and strives to have a high quality of life. She is an advocate for the rights of women, and disabled people. And she really loves cats. She is a blogger and her blog is called “Textual Fury.”


~ by Sumiko Saulson on February 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Guest Blog by Kateryna Fury, Nosferspratu Update”

  1. Wonderful article! We are linking to this particularly great content on our site. Keep up the great writing.

    • Thanks – but this is a guest blog so I can’t take credit for it. Kateryna Fury wrote it – and I am really hoping we get to read a Women in Horror themed post before the month is out. I’d like to personally thank each and every one who took up Nosferspratu’s cause and helped Kateryna and her wonderful service cat Sprite by reposting this article and getting the word out. We could’t have done it without you!

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