Black Magic Women on Stoker Recommended Reads!

The anthology I edited,  anthology, Black Magic Women, is on the HWA Bram Stoker Recommendation List! If you are a Stoker juror and want a free eBook of it please email me at For a hard copy contact the publisher, Mocha Memoirs at

Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters

Black Magic Women ebookcover.jpg

Imagine horror where black characters aren’t all tropes and the first to die; imagine a world written by black sisters where black women and femmes are in the starring roles. From flesh-eating plants to flesh-eating bees; zombies to vampires to vampire-eating vampire hunters; ghosts, revenants, witches and werewolves, this book has it all. Cursed drums, cursed dolls, cursed palms, ancient spirits and goddesses create a nuanced world of Afrocentric and multicultural horror. Seventeen terrifying tales by seventeen of the scary sisters profiled in the reference guide “100 Black Women in Horror.”

Includes the stories Appreciation by Mina Polina, Death Lines by Nuzo Onoh, Sweet Justice by Kenesha Williams, Bryannah and the Magic Negro by Crystal Connor, The Lost Ones by Valjeanne Jeffers, Tango of a TellTale Heart by Sumiko Saulson, Blood Magnolia by Nicole Givens Kurtz, Labor Pains by Kenya Moss-Dyme, Return to Me by Lori Titus, Here, Kitty! by LH Moore, Left Hand Torment by R. J. Joseph, Dark Moon’s Curse by Delizhia Jenkins, Killer Queen by Cinsearae S, Sisters by Kai Leakes, Black and Deadly by Dicey Grenor, Trisha and Peter by Kamika Aziza, Alternative™ by Tabitha Thompson, and The Prizewinner by Alledria Hurt.

Published on Mocha Memoirs Press

~ by Sumiko Saulson on August 9, 2018.

3 Responses to “Black Magic Women on Stoker Recommended Reads!”

  1. Sumiko, that is awesome news! Despite it not being my genre of choice as a reader (I’m a scaredy cat), I really enjoyed the fresh, original and sometimes highly amusing stories in the anthology. I’m glad you’re getting recognition!

  2. […] Earlier today, I was checking your website for information on resources for the African American community when I found a list of helpful websites on your resource page.  […]

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