Black Mental Health Resource Guide

I got this with this letter via email:

Earlier today, I was checking your website for information on resources for the African American community when I found a list of helpful websites on your resource page

And I thought you might be interested in a guide that was created to discuss the impact of Racism, Discrimination, and Systemic Racial Inequities have on the Mental Health of our Black Communities.

As you know, mental health is one of the vital issues facing the Black community in America. Sadly, given the racism and racial injustice African Americans have faced, it’s not surprising that they have become more susceptible to struggle with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Unfortunately, just 1/3 of Black people will receive the help they need. For some, longstanding racism has hurt their economic prospects and their ability to access affordable, high-quality mental health assistance. Other African Americans are afraid of the stigmas regarding mental illnesses and treatment. The stigmas of mental health have been historically embedded into our culture to signify weakness and instability.

But not finding help can make mental illnesses even worse. One of our goals is to help people find the assistance they need when they need it.

We also want to help ignite the conversation about how racism affects the African American community’s Psychological wellbeing And help to reduce the shame and stigma sometimes associated with seeking mental health and the treatment of mental illness, by spreading awareness through education.

If you are interested in reviewing, please see here:

 Mental Health Issues facing the Black Community

Some Universities that have already shared the resource are:

UC Berkeley, The University of Minnesota, and The University of Michigan.

I would appreciate it if you could add this resource to your page. If you have any questions regarding it, please do not hesitate to contact me.

There is no obligation. I thought we could work together to raise awareness of such a meaningful issue, as this topic is deeply important to many students, staff, and web-visitors.

Thank you for taking the time to review the guide. I look forward to your feedback.

EDIT: I got this today (4/12/2022):

A guide specifically pertaining to BIPOC struggling with substance abuse. This guide does a great job of addressing this key issue:

  • Live Another Day – A carefully curated list of mental health and substance use resources for black, indigenous, and people of color.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on April 2, 2021.

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