Plague Master Series – Trevor’s Got Trouble At Home

Plague Master Series – Trevor’s Got Trouble At Home

By H.E. Roulo

HE Roulo 2If it wasn’t bad enough that Trevor, the teenage hero of the Plague Master series, is fighting zombies, arguing with a Plague Master, and trying to discover a way to permanently cure the infected, he must also deal with the terrible conditions on his homeworld, Shailon.

Shailon is a backwater in the 5-planet system recently colonized by ships from Earth. Families on the first ship to arrive declared themselves the winners, gave themselves the titles of Founder, and have been lording it over everyone else ever since. Their estates are large, and the general population is forced into cramped towns. Unfortunately, when there is an outbreak of the Regulon Disease, which turns people into mindless undead, the Founders respond by herding the infected into the lower districts and hiring off-world mercenaries to keep them there.

Trevor never had much, and once the zombies arrive he wants to find a way to fight back. He becomes a bait-boy for the mercenaries, and runs through houses to draw out any zombies inside. Eventually, he’s forced to leave Shailon for the Sanctuary Dome where infected are sent until they change. What he discovers, is that despite the dome being filled with rejects from other planets, it is still a better place to be than his homeworld. Not so much once the dome breaks, and zombies i

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nvade, but he is able to bring the formula for a cure back to his homeworld.

In the second book, Plague Master: Rebel Infection, Trevor is a hero for returning home with an inoculation against the change into a zombie. However, the Founders don’t administer the vaccine equally, and Trevor quickly realizes that conditions aren’t improving. As a hero, he is a threat to the Founders power and revolution is on the horizon.

A new zombie outbreak, the intervention of a Plague Master, and the realization that the long-sought cure is starting to fail all makes Trevor’s life harder than ever. Find out more in Plague Master: Rebel Infection.

Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is the first book of the Plague Master series. Next up in the planned trilogy is Plague Master: Rebel Infection, releasing September 2019.




“A perfect mix of classic sci-fi and zombie horror. Once you start, you are hooked!”

-Jake Bible, author of Little Dead Man.


Sanctuary Dome is fast-paced zombie sci-fi on a prison planet of the dying and the undead.”

-Stephen North, author of Beneath the Mask


Read more excerpts and see behind the scenes of the PLAGUE MASTER trilogy.

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Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome (Book 1):

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