45 Black Men in Horror Part 2

As you probably know, 60 Black Women in Horror and 100+ Black Women in Horror started out as a series on this very blog back in 2013. It was a series of three blogs, 20 Black Women in Horror, 20 More Black Women in Horror, and 20 Black Women in Horror 3. It just kept getting bigger and bigger until it eventually became the book 60 Black Women in Horror. Then, 80 Black Women in Horror. And finally, 100+ Black Women in Horror. Linda D Addison has been saying since 2018 that someone needs to do a list of black men in horror. A couple nights ago when we were recording a panel on curating diverse anthologies, she brought it up again. And I committed to putting together a list. Currently, I have 45 men on the list, which I will be publishing as a series on this blog for February – Black Heritage Month. Each post will list 15 writers. Find them all here: List 1, List 2, and List 3.

  1. Mame Bougouma Diene

Mame Bougouma Diene is a columnist Strange Horizon, an author of horror and other speculative fiction who was a Nommo Award Nominee for Best Novella for “Fistulas” (2019) (from his horror collection Dark Moons Rising on a Starless Night.) His works have appeared in Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora, Africanfuturism: An Anthology, Sunspot Jungle (Sunspot Jungle, #1), AfroSFv3, AfroSFv2, This Book Ain’t Nuttin to Fuck With: A Wu-Tang Tribute Anthology, Myriad Lands: Volume 2: Beyond the Edge, Fiyah Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, Issue 3: Sundown Towns,Bridging Worlds: Global Conversations on Creating Pan-African Speculative Literature In A Pandemic, and Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction. His short story Another Day in the Desert appeared on the EscapePod podcast. Mame Bougouma Diene can be found online at https://twitter.com/mame_bougouma

  1. Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki

Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki probounced (UH-ge-ne-chah-we Donald AY-PAY-kee) is an African speculative fiction writer and editor in Nigeria. He has won the Horror Writers Association Diversity Grant, the Otherwise, Nommo and British Fantasy Awards. He has been a finalist in the Nebula, Locus, BSFA, Sturgeon and This Is Horror Awards. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared and are forthcoming in Tordotcom, Apex Magazine, Strange Horizons, Asimov’s, Galaxy’s Edge, Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, NBC the SFWA blog, and more. He edited the first ever Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction anthology, guest-edited the collections issue of Interstellar Flight Press, co-edited the groundbreaking Dominion anthology, and the Africa Risen anthology forthcoming on Tordotcom (Macmillan) in 2022. You can find him online at  https://odekpeki.com/

  1. C. Michael Forsythe

Horror Fiction Review called his debut novel Hour of the Beast, a  tale of lycantropy, a “fast-paced, rip-snorting, action-packed, sexy college romp.” Other titles by the author include Houdini vs. Rasputin, The Blood of Titans, The Identity Thief, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Harry Houdini in The Adventure of the Spook House, and Night Cage. Journalist, speculative fiction author, and satire horror blogger C. Michael Forsythe got a unique start as a writer/reporter for the tabloid Weekly World News, investigating and writing about bizarre occurrences around the globe, covering real-life blood-drinkers and more. Bizarre News is a collection of sometimes comical tales ripped from the tabloid headlines. Several of his odd tales from his days at the World Weekly News are included in the book Bat Boy Lives!: The Weekly World News Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions, and the Mutant Freaks that Shape Our World edited by Dave Perel. Forsythe wrote for the tabloid under a variety of pseudonyms, including Mike Foster, Michael Chiron, George Sanford, Vickie York, Miguel Figueroa, Brett Anniston and Kaye Roseburg. You can find him online at http://freedomshammer.com/

  1. Brandon Massey 

Gold Pen Award-winning author Brandon Massey writes horror, suspense and thrillers containing terrifying monsters both supernatural and all too human. His works include Nana, Within the Shadows, Dark Corner, The Quiet Ones, The Other Brother, In the Dark, Don’t Ever Tell, Thunderland, .Covenant, The Patriarch, The Last Affair, Frenzied – A Suspense Thriller, No Stone Unturned, Vicious, Cornered and The Host: A Novella.  He edited Dark Dreams: A Collection of Horror and Suspense by Black Writers, Voices from the Other Side (Dark Dreams, #2), Whispers in the Night .  He wrote The Ancestors with Tananarive Due and LA Banks. He also wrote the short story collection Twisted Tales and Darker Than Night: A Collection of Horror and Suspense Short Stories. He also contributed a short story to Atlanta Noir. You can find him online at https://www.brandonmassey.com/

  1. Errick Nunnally

Two-time Hugo Award Finalist Errick Nunnally writes dark pulp fiction, scifi, crime, fantasy, and horror. He’s also a graphic designer.  The Hugo nominations were for the fanzine Journey Planet (along with 17 other editors) in 2017 and 2021. His books include Blood for the Sun, Lightning Wears a Red Cape, All the Dead Men, and Who Bears The Lathe. His writing has appeared in FIYAH Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, After the Fall – Tales of the Apocalypse, Wicked Weird, Doorways to Extra Time, The Bad Book, Halloween Nights: Tales of Autumn Fright, Giving the Devil His Due, The Final Summons, Transcendent, Apex Magazine, Transcendent, In Vein, Monarchies of Mau: Tales of Excellent Cats, Anthology, Year Three: Distant Dying Ember, Anthology: Year Two: Inner Demons Out, Winter Animals, LampLight, and Fright Train. You can find him online at http://www.erricknunnally.us/

  1. Brandon O’Brien

Brandon O’Brien (he/they) is the author of Can You Sign My Tentacle? They are a performance poet and writer from Trinidad whose work has been shortlisted for the 2014 Alice Yard Prize for Art Writing and the 2014 and 2015 Small Axe Literary Competitions, and published in Uncanny Magazine, Strange Horizons, Arsenika, Fireside Magazine, and New Worlds, Old Ways: Speculative Tales from the Caribbean, among other outlets. They are also a teaching artist with The 2 Cents Movement, and the poetry editor of FIYAH Literary Magazine, for which they won a 2021 Hugo Award (along with FIYAH’s other 7 editors). Along with Shaun Duke, they host and produce The Skiffy and Fanty Show, a four time Hugo-finalist podcast.  O’Brien is also on the team for the podcast  Speculate! They can be found online https://trini.link/brandonobrien

  1. Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Suyi Davies Okungbowa is a Nigerian author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. His debut godpunk fantasy novel David Mogo, Godhunter won the 2020 Nommo Ilube Award for Best Speculative Novel by an African. His IGNYTE Award Nominated for Short Story (2020) “Dune Song” appeared in Apex Magazine. His other novels include Son Of The Storm, Warrior of the Wind, The Nameless Republic. His shorter works have appeared in A World of Horror, Black Boy Joy: 17 Stories Celebrating Black Boyhood, Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora, Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda, and Omenana. He can be found online at https://twitter.com/suyidavies

  1. Wrath James White

Author of the Bram Stoker Nominated poetry collection Vicious Romantic (Needfire Poetry) (2011), Wrath’s two most recent novels are The Resurrectionist and Yaccub’s Curse. He is also the author of Like Porno for Psychos, Succulent Prey, Boys’ Night, His Pain, Everyone Dies Famous In A Small Town, The Book Of A Thousand Sins, His Pain, If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse, Voracious, Prey Drive, Pure Hate, To The Death, Sloppy Seconds,  Skinzz, Scabs, 400 Days of Oppression, and Population Zero. He is the coauthor of Teratologist co-written with the king of extreme horror, Edward Lee, Orgy Of Souls co-written with Maurice Broaddus, Hero cowritten with J.F. Gonzalez, Son of a Bitch cowritten with Andre Duza, and Poisoning Eros co-written with Monica J. O’Rourke. His work can be found in And Hell Followed: An Anthology, Something Terrible, Find him on Twitter at @WrathJW and online at https://deaditepress.com/authors-2/wrath-james-white/

  1. Craig Laurance Gidney

Craig L. Gidney is an American speculative fiction novelist and short story writer. He is openly gay. His works are known for mixing genres, containing elements of horror, fantasy, folklore, and magical realism. Winner of the Independent Publisher Book Award for Urban Fiction, nominated for the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror. Author of Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories (Lethe Press) ;Bereft (Tiny Satchel Press), Skin Deep Magic (Rebel Satori Press), The Nectar Of Nightmares (Dim Shores Publications); A Spectral Hue (Word Horde). Plus numerous short stories. 3-Time Lambda Literary Award Finalist. NPR’s recommended books of 2019. Current novel, Hairsbreadth, is being serialized. Find him onlne at https://craiglaurancegidney.com/

  1. Quinton Veal

Artist and poet Quinton Veal writes poetry, science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal, including erotic horror. His otherworldly tales include “Whispers in the Night” from the anthology Blerderotica, where a young lady finds herself invited to stay in a stately mansion where things go bump and grind in the night, and “The Vistor published in the anthology Couples Therapy. He has four collections of poetry and short stories,  Her Black Body I Treasure, and United Souls: Stories and Poetry of Seduction, Cybernetic Love, and Fire and Desire,  He edited Scierogenous: An Anthology of Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy and Scierogenous 2 with Valjeanne Jeffers. His works appear in Blerderotica 1: Sweet, Sexy and Special Dark, Poetic Gumbo, and  I Want My Poetry To.

Find him online at http://blackknight8.wordpress.com

  1. J Malcolm Stewart

J Malcolm Stewart writes horror and science-fiction. He is the author of Look Back In Horror: A Personal History of Horror Film, The Eyes of the Stars, The Last Words of Robert Johnson and Other Tales, Exodus From Mars and Other Tales, The Duel and Other Stories,  His works can be found in Horror Addicts Guide To Life, Once Upon A Scream, and Horror Addicts Guide To Life 2, Pulp Empire Series, Heroes of Mars, Twisted Tales, Temptation Magazine,, the Killens Review of Art and Letters as well as on the Smoke and Mirrors podcast. He also hosts the YouTube features Seven Minute Takes and Active Voices online at https://www.youtube.com/user/jaymonster125

  1. James Goodridge

He writes horror essays, horror short stories, science fiction, and fantasy.  His works have been published in Black Celebration: Amazing Articles on African American Horror, and HorrorAddicts Guide to Life 2, Halloween Party ’21, Funny As A Heart Attack, Blerdrotica 1: Sweet, Sexy and Special Dark, Epic: Fall 2020, Halloween Party 2019: Anthology of Terror!, Scierogenous: An Anthology of Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy, Scierogenous II: An Anthology of Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy, Exhumed: 13 Tales Too Terrifying to Stay Dead, and Abandoned Places. He is the author of the Passage of Time Saga, a historical paranormal mystery series that includes The E.E. Just Affair, The Cavendish Affair, The Hurston Affair, and The Fathergill Affair.  In the Hurston Affair, Madison Cavendish and Seneca Sue are in the middle of 1920’s Harlem trying to track down a Were-Hyena with the help of writer Zora Neale Hurston. Find him online at his Facebook group “Who Gives You The Write” https://www.facebook.com/groups/676494739103679

  1. LR Giles

Lamar “L. R.” Giles writes books for teens and adults. Fake Id, his debut Young Adult thriller, was published by HarperCollins in 2014. His works include Live Again, The Darkness Kept, The Shadows Gallery, When Scary People Know Your Name, The Track, Lover’s Spat, Trick Shot, Power and Purpose, and Doc Damage’s Very Bad Day. He cowrote The Serpent and the Stallion with Becky Rodgers Boyette. He writes children’s books under the name Lamar Giles. His works can be found in Dark Dreams: A Collection of Horror and Suspense by Black Writers, Voices from the Other Side (Dark Dreams, #2), and Whispers in the Night, Find him online at http://www.lrgiles.com/

  1. T.L. Huchu

Tendai Huchu who also writes as T. L. Huchu is a Zimbabwean author, best known for his novels The Hairdresser of Harare  and The Maestro, The Magistrate & The Mathematician..He is also the author of The Library of the Dead, and Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments .His works can be found in Africanfuturism: An Anthology, AfroSFv3, Future Fiction: New Dimensions in International Science Fiction, Professor Charlatan Bardot’s Travel Anthology to the Most (Fictional) Haunted Buildings in the Weird, Wild World, The Apex Book of World SF 5, THUGLIT Issue Twenty, HostBods, Fiyah Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, Issue 12: Chains (Autumn 2019), The Sockdolager Fall 2015 Issue 03, Enkare Review, The Manchester Review, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Gutter, Interzone, AfroSF, Wasafiri, Warscapes, The Africa Report and Mystery Weekly Magazine: August 2019. You can find him online here: https://twitter.com/tendaihuchu

  1. Sylvester Barzey

Sylvester Barzey is a horror and fantasy writer with a flair for the zombie. He has stated that his overall goal is to shine a spotlight on BIPOC characters within the genres. He is the author of The Briggs Boys, Bloodthirsty (Planet Dead #1), Patient Zero (Planet Dead #2), Promise Land (Planet Dead #3), Stitches: A Collection Of Short Stories From Various Horror Anthologies, Terrifying Tales of Suspense, The Realm: (The Essence Chronicles Book 1), His works can be found in Apocalyptic Beginnings Box Set: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Box Set, Undead Worlds, Descent Into Darkness, 7 Sins of The Apocalypse, and Mad Like Me. Voices of Romance: A Collection, He can be found online at https://www.sylvesterbarzey.com/

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  1. Thank you so much ! It is an honor !

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