45 Black Men in Horror – Part 3

As you probably know, 60 Black Women in Horror and 100+ Black Women in Horror started out as a series on this very blog back in 2013. It was a series of three blogs, 20 Black Women in Horror, 20 More Black Women in Horror, and 20 Black Women in Horror 3. It just kept getting bigger and bigger until it eventually became the book 60 Black Women in Horror. Then, 80 Black Women in Horror. And finally, 100+ Black Women in Horror. Linda D Addison has been saying since 2018 that someone needs to do a list of black men in horror. A couple nights ago when we were recording a panel on curating diverse anthologies, she brought it up again. And I committed to putting together a list. Currently, I have 45 men on the list, which I will be publishing as a series on this blog for February – Black Heritage Month. Each post will list 15 writers. Find them all here: List 1, List 2, and List 3.

  1. Sean Demory

Sean Demory is the brains behind Pine Float Press. He cowrote Slow Boat to Fast City with A.E. Ash, Marshall Edwards, Orrin Grey, and Steven G. Saunders. He is also the author of Zobop Bebop, The Ballad of the Wayfaring Stranger and the Dead Man’s Whore, Philomena Unbound, Sycorax Resplendent, and Aglaeca. His works have appeared in the anthologies Palookaville and Aglaeca. His short story “Make Him Talk,” appeared in the quarterly Postscripts to Darkness, and his short story “Bad Beat” appeared in Raygun Revival.

You can find him online at https://pitchaweek.wordpress.com/ and https://sdemory.livejournal.com/

  1. Jamie Grimes

His short story “I Will Not Walk In Darkness” anthology Georgia Gothic, produced by the Atlanta chapter of the Horror Writers Association. His short story on the Blacklight podcast, and his short story “High Water Slack” was first published by the IGNYTE Award-Winning publication NightLight. Both stories appeared on the Nightlight Takeover edition of the PseudoPod podcast. He is a horror blogger and podcaster whose articles appear on PseudoPod.

Find him online at https://www.twitter.com/Jamie_L_Grimes

  1. Justin C. Key

He is the author of The Perfection of Theresa Watkins, Spider King, and Balancing the Equation,  He cowrote The Ball Hog with Christine Chang. His works are published in Bridge To Elsewhere Anthology (2022), Some of the Best from Tor.com, 2020 edition, Don’t Touch That: An Anthology of Parenthood in SFF, Vital Anthology, Realm, Interstellar Flight Magazine, Nightlight Podcast, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2017 (#732), Lightspeed Magazine: Issue 135, August 2021, Plasma Frequency Magazine: Issue 15: January/February 2015, Crossed Genres, Kyso Flash, Plasma Frequency Magazine, The Colored Lens, Fiction 365, and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, (F&SF, #753). Find him online at https://justinckey.com/

  1. Rodney Barnes

Rodney Barnes is an American screenwriter and producer. Barnes has written and produced The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, Everybody Hates Chris, Those Who Can’t, Marvel’s Runaways, American Gods, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and is currently an executive producer/writer on HBO’s Untitled Los Angeles Lakers drama. He has written the horror comics Killadelphia, Elysium Gardens, Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog, as well as the comics Quincredible, and Monarch. His studio Zombie Love Studios put out the animated features Florence and Normandie, Crownsville, and the soon-to-be-released Blackula.

Find him online at https://rodneybarnes.com/

  1. Greg Elysee

Greg Anderson Elysee is a Haitian-American comic writer, educator, filmmaker, and model. He is the writer and creator of the comic series Is’nana the Were-Spider, which has garnered 5 Glyph Awards including Best Writer and Story of the Year. He is also the writer of The Gentleman: Darkness of the Void and Marassa, both for Evoluzione Publishing. Anderson Elysee’s work frequently incorporates various themes of Black spirituality in hope of showcasing often misinformed beliefs into more positive narratives.Greg Anderson Elysee is a Haitian-American comic writer, educator, filmmaker, and model. He is the writer and creator of the comic series Is’nana the Were-Spider, which has garnered 5 Glyph Awards including Best Writer and Story of the Year. He is also the writer of The Gentleman: Darkness of the Void and Marassa, both for Evoluzione Publishing. Anderson Elysee’s work frequently incorporates various themes of Black spirituality in hope of showcasing often misinformed beliefs into more positive narratives. Find him online at https://webwaycomics.ecwid.com/

  1. Newton Lilavois

Newton Lilavois is a comic book writer and publisher of Dream Fury Comics. He writes the supernatural horror comic series Crescent City Monsters.The story follows Jonas, a blues musician and sorcerer practicing Creole Magic, who’s determined to track down who put out a bounty on him. Gian Carlo Bernal is the illustrator. The comic’s completed three separate successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns resulting in three complete issues, has been making its way around the comic con, indie comic and black comic circuits ever since. It has also been featured on a number of podcast and vlogs.

Find it online at https://dream-fury-comics.myshopify.com/

  1. David Crownson

He is the author of the comic series Harriet Tubman : Demon Slayer. When slave owners can’t stop the powerful ninja warrior Harriet Tubman, they enlist the help of vampires, demons, witches & werewolves to stop her. Harriet Tubman must lead a family of runaways to freedom while battling an army of darkness. He is the owner of Kingwood Comics, which publishes the title. Issue One was created by David Crownson (Author) Courtland Ellis (Illustrator), Joey Vazquez (Illustrator), Dana Verde (Editor). On Issue 2,  Josh Burcham replaced Courtland Ellis on the illustration team. The team for Issue 3 was David Crownson (Author), Courtland Ellis (Author), and Sylvain Repos (Author). Find Kingwood Comics online at https://kingwoodcomics.com/

  1. David F. Walker

David F. Walker is an award-winning comic book writer, filmmaker, journalist, and educator. Walker is best known for his work in comics, including Shaft: A Complicated Man (Dynamite Entertainment), winner of the 2015 Glyph Award for Story of the Year, and its sequel, Shaft: Imitation of Life. He has also worked as a the writer on Bitter Root, Vol. 1: Family Business, The Life of Frederick Douglass: A Graphic Narrative of an Extraordinary Life, Power Man and Iron Fist, Vol. 1: The Boys are Back in Town, Bitter Root, Vol. 2: Rage & Redemption, Power Man and Iron Fist, Vol. 2: Civil War II, Bitter Root #1, Occupy Avengers, Vol. 1: Taking Back Justice, and Nighthawk: Hate Makes Hate.

You can find him online at https://twitter.com/DavidWalker1201

  1. Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is the Eisner and Ringo award-winning writer and co-creator of such books as The Punisher and Black Panther for Marvel, Rotten Apple for Dark Horse Comics, and Bitter Root for Image Comics. He has also written for On the Stump Volume 1, Civil War II: Choosing Sides #4, Black Manta (2021-) #1, Aquamen (2022-) #1, The Quiet Kind, Red Sonja Valentines Special (2022) (Red Sonja (2019-2021)), Marvel Hero Project Superior Salvador, Marvel Hero Project Soaring Seamus, The Forgotten Lake Secession, and Asylum Press Sampler #1.

Find him online at https://twitter.com/Cbrown803

  1. S.A. Cosby

S. A. Cosby is an Anthony Award-winning writer from Southeastern Virginia. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Razorblade Tears and Blacktop Wasteland, which won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and was a New York Times Notable Book, the Sun Sentinel’s and BookPage’s #1 Best Mystery of the year, a Goodreads Choice Awards Semifinalist, and was named a best of the year by NPR, The Guardian, and Library Journal, among others. He is also the author of My Darkest Prayer, Ride Like Hell, and Brotherhood of the Blade: The Invitation, and Brotherhood of the Blade: Vol 2: House of Swords. His work has appeared in Rural Voices: 15 Authors Challenge Assumptions About Small-Town America, and Cheapjack Pulp 317. Find him online at https://twitter.com/blacklionking73

  1. DL Russell

D.L. Russell has been published in various anthologies and magazines since 2007. He has been publishing since late 2009 when he launched the ezine, Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine with the goal of supplying writers and artists with less name recognition to have another option to showcase their work. He eventually moved into publishing books via Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Publishing with Sharon Black, and eventually to his own publishing company, Black Books Publishing, Inc. He is the author of Hell Is An Awfully Big City: A Collection, and is the editor of Nobody Goes Out Anymore: Futuristic Fiction Post Covid-19, 21st Century Black Erotica: Pleasure, Pain, Lust & Love in the Era of Cell Phone Selfies and Social Media. Payin’-2, and A Big Book of Strange Weird and Wonderful (Volume 1 and 2). Find him online at https://dlrussellbooks.com/

  1. Terence Taylor

Terence Taylor Is an award-winning children’s television writer, whose work has appeared on PBS, Nickelodeon and Disney, among many others. After a career of comforting young kids, he’s now equally dedicated to scaring their parents. His short horror stories have been published in Dark Dreams: A Collection of Horror and Suspense by Black Writers, Voices from the Other Side (Dark Dreams, #2), Nightmare Magazine 49: October 2016. People of Colo(u)r Destroy Horror! Special Issue, Northern Frights 1, Dark Dreams 3 and Whispers in the Night. He is the author of Bite Marks: A Vampire Testament and Blood Pressure. He is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America East. and can be found online at http://doyoubelieveinvampires.com/

  1. Vince Churchill

Dark fiction author Vince Churchill has over 15 published works. He is the author of Seven, Midnight Eternal, Goodnight My Sweet, Pandora, The Butcher Bride, The Blackest Heart, The Dead Shall Inherit the Earth,  The Dead Shall Inherit the Earth was featured in XBOX Magazine’s ZOMBIES! Collector’s Edition as ‘One of The 37 Greatest Zombie Triumphs.‘Vince’s short fiction has appeared in multiple anthologies including The Undead, The Horror Library – Volume One, and the Black Quill award-winning Midnight Walk. He was also a list contributor in the Book of Lists: Horror. Vince has created erotic fiction with Hyde & the upcoming graphic novella, The Presence. His most recent work is an illustrated children’s book, RUN! Find him online at https://vincechurchill.com/

  1. Daveed Diggs

Daveed Daniele Diggs (born January 24, 1982) is an American actor, rapper, singer and songwriter. He is the vocalist of the experimental hip hop group Clipping and in 2015 originated the roles of Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the musical Hamilton, for which he won both a Grammy Award and Tony Award. Since leaving Hamilton in 2016, he has had a recurring role on the television series Black-ish, and co-starred in the film Wonder. Diggs also wrote, produced and starred in the 2018 film Blindspotting, which earned him a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead. He wrote The Deep with Rivers Solomon, William Hutson, and Jonathan Snipes. Find him online at https://twitter.com/DaveedDiggs

  1. Evan Davis

Evan Davis’ short story “The Scars of Eliza Gray” can be found on the Nightlight Podcast. His short story “The Bells of Kraeden” appeared in The Common Tongue Dark Fantasy Magazine (Issue #3 / June 30, 2021).  His short story “30,000 BC” appeared in The Chorochronos Archives (JayHenge Publishing). His short story ”The Sixth Gun Conspiracy Letters” appeared in Hidden Histories (Third Flatiron Anthologies Book 26). His short story “High Noon” appears in The Society of Misfit Stories Presents… (February 2021)He also has work The Bards and Sages Quarterly

Find him online at https://thelightofday.blog/

~ by Sumiko Saulson on March 1, 2022.

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